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The Book & 2-DVD Set Bundle

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Get The Shadow Efffect 2-DVD Set and Why Good People Do Bad Things paperback in a special bundled product for $5 off.

Why Good People Do Bad Things: How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy - Paperback Edition

Are you or is someone you know your own worst enemy? If the answer is yes, New York Times  best-selling author Debbie Ford has written a book that you must read. By exposing the facade of the false self and venturing behind the protective masks worn by our wounded egos, Why Good People Do Bad Things guides us to heal the split between our ego and our soul and live the authentic life that is well within our reach.

The Shadow Effect Special Interactive Edition (Two Disc Set) - NTSC Format

The Shadow Effect, a visually stunning and cutting-edge documentary, will inspire you to step out of the self that you've known and break free from the bonds of the past. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Simon, and other world-renowned thinkers join Debbie Ford to reveal the transformative power of your shadow -- the parts of yourself that you dislike and disown, the past that you regret and repress, and the future that is waiting to be birthed.

For the first time ever, in the comfort of your own home, after watching The Shadow Effect movie on Disc 1, be guided through a special interactive version of the movie on Disc 2 where you will unveil the mechanism that drives what you do, what you think, and what you fear. In these eight life-changing exercises, you will embrace the parts of yourself that will give you the courage to speak your truth, let go of the old, and open up to your own greatness.

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