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Affirmations | Meditations | Prayers

Audio Affirmations

Are you feeding yourself with the thoughts, ideas, and words that will add to your self-love? Listen now to one of the self-esteem boosting affirmations below.

The audio affirmations contained in this section are really a blast of love. Each 30-45 second recording offers a quick way to encode your consciousness with new thoughts and beliefs that will build your confidence, raise your vibration, and reflect back to you the gorgeous light that inherently resides within you. I hope you will thoroughly enjoy them and share them with the people you love.

Listening to these affirmations is an opportunity to do what we call "positive mirroring". It allows you to select the words you want to insert more deeply into your consciousness and then have me mirror those same words back to you. For example, Debbie would say: "You are loved and cared for." And then you would say: "I am loved and cared for." Simple as that! Clicking on the audio control arrow for streaming your recording of choice will send you on your way!

Letting Go of the Past

Loved and Adored

Magnet for Money

You can do anything you want

Love is looking for you

Audio Meditations

Do you want to uncover something that's blocking you? Listen now to one of the life-changing meditations below.

We recommend listening to the meditations in an environment that is temporarily free of distractions. So just close the door, turn off the phone ringer for a few minutes, get comfortable, and have a piece of paper and pen nearby in case you want to jot any notes. And then simply click on the control button arrow for the meditation of your choice below. To feed the flame of your body, heart and soul even more deeply, please utilize our audio affirmations and audio prayers as well. We cannot tell you what a joy it is for us to bring them to you!

Internal Flame

Unmasking Self-Sabotage

Sweet Dreams Nighttime Meditation

Latte Break

Audio Prayers

What would be available to you today if you were to open up to the love and guidance of the Universe? Listen now to one of the beautiful, heart-opening prayers below.

Click on the audio control arrow of the prayers you would like to hear, and allow the words, the music, and the space in between to completely support, hold you, and lift you up.

Drenched in Holiness

Prayer for Inner Peace

Release Me

Reclaiming Your Light

Appreciative Heart

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